Friday, February 26, 2016

One Year and Two Days Being 21-Day-Fixed and Counting by C.H. Admirand

It is hard to believe that I've actually made it this far on my road to a healthier me. For those of you who know me, you know how hard it is for me to just pass by the opportunity to indulge in something deliciously loaded with carbs and sugar :)

Take this Butter Cake that I'd turned into a Whiskey Butter Cake last month...Yes it was delightfully yummy...and no I did NOT pass up the chance to have my share. I just made sure to add more umphf into my daily workout.

So separated the eggs, whipped up the egg whites ...I don't always do this if I'm pressed for, milk ready to go...Whiskey to be added, too. 


Whipping the butter using a mixer was a real treat because I usually do this by hand with my favorite yellow pyrex bowl and wooden spoon...

Sifting the dry ingredients...I don't always do this...just as an FYI :)

There's a lot to be said for the time-saving speed of the mixer :)

Gotta taste the batter... 

Adding in the whipped egg whites...fold gently by hand...

Looks great...letting it cool before I try to loosen the bottom of the spring-form pan...

Ohhh...I just love it when the right amount of margarine and flour make for a perfectly perfect-looking cake :)

Whiskey Glaze/Icing...

Sliced and served up on my favorite cake plate :)

Okay, sooo this blog post turned out to be a how-to in pictures for my favorite Butter/Whiskey Cake Recipe. Funny thing, after I had two pieces, I realized that it didn't need the glaze at all, because of the Whiskey in the cake batter.

Now, back to the nitty-gritty...I really, really hate having my picture taken, that being said, I did it because I figured if I was brave enough to post the pic that started me on my journey to a healthier me, I could grin and try to do the selfie-thing. Sooo here's me post workout, in desperate need of the new eyeglasses (can't wait til they arrive so I can stop squinting) and of course the all important double-dose of caffeine!!!

And while I have gained back six pounds since July when I stopped measuring every mouthful, this is a happier me who does eat salt, sugar, brown sugar, potatoes, etc. (nope gonna tell you all of what the etc. actually is LOL) and yes--sweet baked goods. Once a carb-a-holic, always a carb-a-holic :)


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