Friday, June 19, 2015

Rejection is Good for the Soul...Not Always by C.H. Admirand

Having  been in this crazy business for twenty-plus years, I am supposed to say that rejection is good for the soul, and be happy when I receive a great rejection. (Note: I received 99 before I got "the call" all those years ago, so I am no stranger to rejection.) Therefore, my first reaction to the recent rejection I received from my editor was great, thank you for your honesty and for additional input from a fellow editor regarding my proposal.

My reality check, post-rejection, is--I'm still feeling rejected and have NO idea where to go from here. Having sold on proposal for the last few years, I have to figure out whether or not my proposal is viable/marketable, etc. or if I should put it in the drawer. 

Another reality for me is, that while I was spoiled selling on proposal, not all houses will accept proposals from an author new to them. So if I'm going to start querying elsewhere, I'll be back to writing the book and then new MO :)

Two years ago when my life was spiraling out of control with my Mom's health, issues on the home-front, and me doing my best to keep up, my muse was quietly slipping away and I had no the previous sentence again to figure out why.

When push comes to shove, family will always come first for me. It's how I'm hard-wired. Not always the most popular path to take, but people that know me, know that I have put family before everything all of my life.

So while it's been a struggle, I'm slowly but surely figuring out how to coax my muse back into my life. Along the way, the reality of sabotaging myself with lack of exercise and an unbalanced diet took it's toll. I received the "wake-up" call in the form of a picture from my darling niece's baby shower in February. Here's the "wake-up call" pic from February 8th...that's me on the right with the gorgeous velvet burnout kimono:

That started me on the 21DayFix which has turned my life around. I feel healthy, energized, and can take on both grandbabies and both puppies at the same time. Our grandbabies are adorable, but uber-active.

After a few rounds of the 21DayFix, this is me June 5th, wearing the same gorgeous velvet burnout kimono...minus two sisters, one brother, and 30 pounds :)  

And on June 12th minus 35 pounds, two sisters and one brother :)

Losing 35 pounds and eating a healthier more balanced diet has helped with the physical, but the emotional part still needs work. And  the emotional part of me is where my characters used to live, breathe, and wake me up with their arguments at night. Sadly, that hasn't happened in a long time. 

Now I force myself to open up one of my wips (yep, I have about 3 or 4 right now). I used to sit down in the morning, and as soon as I opened up one of my wips, the characters and the words were there and the story would just flow. It was a gift. A gift I unknowingly abused.

Sooo, while I'm slogging through trying to find my new normal, readers may not hear from me for the next little while.

If you haven't already checked them out, I re-issued my Irish Western Series in large print, and bundled them in print Volumes I and II, am currently working with the fabulous narrator, Elizabeth Cook, creating audiobooks for this series. We'll start on book 3, Pearl's Redemption, at the end of August. So, stayed tuned!

Happy Reading!


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