Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Our Gardens are Finally Growing, Better Late Than Never by C.H. Admirand

OMGoodness, I thought Spring would NEVER get here! We had such a cold Winter, with soooo many cold days and sooooo much snow (it's a 4-letter word people) that I didn't think our gardens would survive.

So I decided to take a few pics of our perennials and I think most of them survived ;) 

Although our puppy Reilly dug up and ran away with a few of our Clematis, here is one that survived :)

Every year, I'm amazed that our ring of Violets keeps coming back ... btw, we didn't plant these Faery Rings ... they just started to grow that way. 

Happy Rhubarb...there will be jam in our future!

One of the Honeysuckle vines survived Reilly!

Leaf buds on our Hydrangea ;)

Lemon Balm!!

Mud, thanks to Reilly for digging the hole in the yard so that when I was filling our pond, we had mud...OK, so I'm a sucker for squishing my toes in sun-warmed mud. Indescribable!

Oriental Poppies... can't wait for them to bloom!

Robert's Herb ... at least that's what my Mother-in-Law called them when she gave them to us years ago ;)

Clean crisp sheets blowing in the breeze ... such a wonderful smell, sun-warmed, line-dried sheets!


Dew-laden Lady's Mantle

Dew on the grass

Very cool fungus, dewy grass in the background and violets in the foreground
 More dew-laden grass

It was such a pretty sight, that I took a few different shots
 I think the Faeries that visit our gardens might have dipped their fingertips in the dew gathered in the cups of the Lady's Mantle leaves.

Our Virginia BlueBells have grown and spread into a few different places in the gardens. If you look closely, you can see a hint of a bud in the lower right-hand corner. My Mom gave us this plant years ago ... when it blooms it'll be like she's still here. I miss you Mom.

I'll take more pics soon ... after the recent rains from last night, things have really grown!

Happy Gardening and Happy Reading!!!


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