Sunday, April 12, 2015

Early Evening Breeze Blowing in our Windows by C.H. Admirand

What a FABULOUS day! The warm and welcoming breeze is teasing wisps of hair across my cheek while I sit and write. A glorious warmth that has been so missing with the harsh winter we had, but all the more special because of it, has returned. 

Right now as I look to the West, I can see tiny bugs dancing in the air. The peepers are gearing up for another night of revelry (we know why those little frogs sing, don't we VBG) while birds continue to flit about the yard and sing. FINALLY!

For two days in a row, I've had my first cup of tea outside in my rather chilly rocking chair with our two darling puppies and a host of birds keeping us company. This morning, there were no cars speeding around the road at the back of our property ... thank goodness ... just the clear blue sky and bright sunshine above me with snippets of songs from a variety of birds who have been keeping us company this winter while we've kept their feeders full.

Here is the one bird I wasn't sure was going to visit us to eat our Privet berries. The Cedar Waxwing usually comes by in February, but they didn't come until a few days ago. Probably the cold temps we had here. 

Aren't they beautiful? I took some pics from the upstairs window and some from the front door. We used to have a flock of Evening Grosbeaks stop by in February every year for about ten years, then one year, they stopped coming ... maybe part of their habitat along their route North changed. I still miss them. ;(
Jameson (aka Jamie-Lad) and Reilly (from their corners of the couch) send their best!

Have a wonderful evening, and enjoy the beauty around you ... Nature's gift to all!
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