Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy Holidays to my FAB Readers by C.H. Admirand

This isn't the updated pic of our Christmas tree. I finally had some extra time on Christmas Eve and popped corn and between my DH and I we strung it for our happy little tree. Unfortunately, I forgot to take the pic until just now and it doesn't really show up as well as the mid-day pic. Maybe I'll remember to take one tomorrow. ;)

ANYWAY ... HAPPY HOLIDAYS to my FAB Readers!!! I sent out a Seasons Greetings Newsletter that included a contest for those who responded to my question about their favorite Christmas decoration.

The response was overwhelming and the stories heartwarming. So many readers shared stories of their loved ones that were tied in with the ornaments, and other shared precious memories of loved ones who were no longer with them. I could identify with so many of the stories, but especially with losing a loved one. My Mom would have been 81 on New Year's Day. On February 17th our youngest grandson will be a whole year old ... 11 days later, my Mom will be gone a whole year. It still doesn't feel real not to have my parents in my life. Harder still neither one of them met our grandbabies. That's the hardest part for me. Illness, distance, and being in a Nursing Home made it impossible for my Mom ... and Dad's been gone for 15 years.

I really am getting off track tonight, ANYWAY ... I wanted to send a thank you to my Readers for their openness and heartwarming messages for this Holiday Season and to remind them not to forget will be picking three winners for my Newsletter Contest. I'll be posting the winners' names on my FB Author Page on New Year's Eve. 

In case you missed my newsletter, three winners will receive the e-book version of my recently re-released (and freshened up) Medieval Trilogy ... Mo Ghrá Mo Chroí Go Deo Series, translation: My love, my heart, forever :)


Romance Readers TOTALLY ROCK!!!

May your days be filled with love, laughter, family, friends ... and an overflowing TBR Pile ;)


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