Monday, August 18, 2014

Five Years of Photos Gone in a Flash by C.H. Admirand

It's been almost a month since the unimaginable happened. I always backup my writing, and now and again remember to backup my photos. I have--make that had--five years of photos of our gardens, family, feathered friends who visit our yard, walks in the woods, writing conferences and events, and favorite recipes baked. But by far the most heart-rending loss is the loss of Wedding pictures for our darling daughter and her hubby and grandbaby pictures.

It all started with my laptop crashing, not once, but three times. I'm usually diligent in backing up everything, but somehow this last time, I didn't get my photos on my memory stick. I'm devastated. 

I do still have the fab camera that my darling boys surprised me with at Christmas, but I keep getting these twinges and find myself grimacing when I remember all that I've lost. It's like that roll of film we took in 1985 when we drove to Nashville so that our oldest (and only at the time) son could meet his great grandmother. When we got back I took the film to be developed and something happened in the processing and the negatives were corrupted. I was heartbroken then too. 

But, I'm here, and I can take more pictures. No, I cannot recapture those precious firsts, those milestones from birth to nearly 3 years old for our oldest grandbaby, or from birth to six months old for our youngest grandbaby. But I do get to hug them still and try to snap pics of them ... but as they are constantly moving, I've got a 50/50 chance of actually getting a pic that's focused. ;)

I'm tired of being afraid that technology will let me down again. I'm tired of cursing my laptop. So I'm going to trust that when I upload a month's worth of photos that I've taken that they will make it onto my memory stick.

Fingers crossed ...

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