Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New Orleans in the early Morning by C.H. Admirand

On my third trip to this lovely city, my darling hubby accompanied me. We had two mornings and one evening to walk through the quaint streets of the French Quarter the Vieux Carre. Less than we had originally planned, but delighted that we were still able to attend the RT Convention in New Orleans together.

For those of you who have had the pleasure of attending the Romantic Times Booklover's Convention, you know how many wonderful reader parties, workshops, panel discussions, etc. there are to attend. But behind the scenes is where the real work happens. I've had the pleasure of working behind the scenes for a number of years until it's time to put on my author hat and go be an author ... mingling and meeting readers.


My DH loves working behind the scenes, this year he wasn't able to do the heavy lifting he normally does, but he worked hard just the same. We usually see one another in passing while we are at this convention, so these few mornings spent together walking and then grabbing a quick bite to eat was an unexpected pleasure.

I do have to say that going to the Cafe du Monde twice in one day was not a hardship for me. And yes I really did eat those yummy beignets twice in one day. The cafe au lait was delightful, but I confess I cannot seem to recreate the same flavor experience at home. Maybe because they grind their coffee/chicory mix daily and aren't using their already ground coffee/chicory mix. All in all, having cafe au lait on the Levee as the sun was low in the sky was a lovely experience.

I never did have the chance to see inside the Pharmacy Museum ...

I really loved peeking down alleyways and finding the unexpected ... lush gardens

I did have a chance to share a romantic dinner on the balcony of a lovely restaurant with my darling hubby ... but I confess, I had a few moments of sheer panic, because of the height and the narrow balcony. 

I'm not a fan of heights. But he kept reminding me that this was my chance to have a romantic dinner and in the French Quarter on a balcony ... I write romance, how could I say no? People watching is always fun, and we got to see a raven-haired bride walking down the street toward the cathedral in Jackson Square with her groom and bridal party. She was wearing a lovely white satin dress with cap sleeves and when she lifted the hem to step down off the curb, her deep royal purple satin spike-heel sandals made a statement that this was a woman unafraid to stand out. 

Jackson Square and the Cathedral in early morning

Interesting window displays and street signs ;)

Soooo I hope you enjoy the pics that I was able to take of this lovely city ;)

The one thing I did for myself this trip was to have my tea leaves read at the Bottom of the Cup Tea Room. What a wonderful experience, but even better because they give you your reading on a disc to take home with you.


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  1. You took wonderful pictures and captured the spirit of New Orleans beautifully! So glad you were able to see a bit of the city while in New Orleans for the RT#14. Thanks for posting the photos. - Judy C.