Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Isn't For The Faint of Heart by C.H. Admirand

Spring is such a changeable time of year from the March winds that blow to the soft and gentle breeze that caresses your face as you lift it up to feel the warmth of the sun. I love Spring, but wouldn't mind if the temperatures would creep up toward 40 or 50 and stay there! 

Here are pics of two bunches of Crocus that we didn't plant ... must have been the birds or the chipmunks or squirrels. ;)

Our poor little garden is still mostly covered with the leaves that we bed them down with in the late Fall. On top of those battered and bruised leaves is a smattering of 3/4 crushed stone ... yep from our driveway. The hazards of not having a paved driveway and having to shovel snow in the Winter. Ugh! 
This pic is of our Daffodils struggling to poke through the leaves ... amidst the 3/4 crushed stone. Will have to get back out there maybe tomorrow when it's just a bit warmer.

Saturday was a great day to work outside, so I made the most of uncovering some of our front gardens, but had to leave the rest so I could haul wood for my DH and darling youngest son.  

Unfortunately, the last of the ancient Silver Maples from our front yard was rotten in 2/3 of the tree and had to come down. It actually hurt my heart to have it done, but knew we had no choice. Apparently, the men who came to take it down wouldn't climb it -- their first option -- because it was so rotten at the top. They ended up using their bucket truck to cut it. 

I was able to save one piece of the hollowed out tree to make into a faerie house. 

Watching through the skylight and then hearing those awful thumps that shook the ground as the big sections landed had me pacing the house the entire time they were working. 

You can see where the bottom of the tree wasn't that bad, it was just the top 30 or so feet that was. The tree used to stand to the left of the spindly pine in the foreground. They didn't even bother to leave those pieces of the tree for us, they chipped them up.

Here's a pic of the pile that I moved ... two logs at a time in the wheelbarrow ... all except two logs. The pile is twice that size now after my DH and darling oldest son worked to cut up and move more sections of the tree on Sunday. 

I'm more connected than I realized to those life-giving giants, the streams, forests and gardens that surround our home. I guess that kindof explains why crowds are not my thing. I prefer being outside with Nature.

Sooo until I can actually fill our stream and hook up the pond filter again, I'll have to make do with pictures from last year. OH ... funny sight on Saturday ... Sparrows landing on the rocks lining the stream, looking dejected realizing there wasn't any water there yet. Poor little things. Praying for warm weather!

Jamie can't wait either ... he's waiting for a new load of sand for Jackie-Boy and Baby Henry's sandbox ;)

Have you read a Romance today?


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