Monday, February 3, 2014

Winter Pics From Our Backyard and Edits by C.H. Admirand

Well, yesterday was fabulous weather-wise. It reached 48 degrees! What a wonderful Groundhog Day ;) But alas it didn't last. This morning when I looked at the window at 6ish, the sky was pink. Yikes! That means snow.

In my book snow is a four-letter-word. Don't get me wrong, I like snow ... two inches is nice as long as the sun comes out and it is above freezing with no wind. LOL! Yeah, I know, not very realistic. But there you have it, my ideal Winter day. I was born in February, in South Carolina so it wasn't snowing the day I was born.

Since Christmas I've been taking pics with my new Nikon and I'm loving it. It isn't easy to decide which setting to use, some of them are automatic and the camera can't seem to decide what to focus on ... too bad I can't tell it what I'm trying to focus on. But there are some settings that work really well. Mostly, I've been using the "snow", "night/dusk", and "close-up" features. And then I crop and zoom with the camera's edit feature. Pretty cool, especially since I grew up using a Kodak Instamatic "box" type camera. 

Here are a few of my favorite recent pics:

The new moon was on January 30th, here's a pic from February 1st with the the tiniest slivers in the early morning sky:

My favorite pic from a few days ago is of these two Robins sitting in the Privet Hedge in our front yard. Aren't they beautiful?

Yesterday when we took Jamie for a walk in the woods, Dave pointed out some really cool fungus on a Birch tree ... they looked like stairsteps ... for the fey ;)

What a lovely contrast between the mossy tree being revealed beneath the melting snow. 

And my favorite pics from this morning:

The gray squirrel hogging the feeder ... 

A beautiful male House Finch waiting for a turn at the feeder:

 This male Downy Woodpecker posed for me ;)

The Starling is usually one of our Springtime birds, but there has been a flock up here with the Robins for the last week or so. I think they were blown off course with the last bit of weather that blew threw. 

There was a female House Finch who wasn't really happy about waiting her turn, but the one on the feeder wasn't budging. LOL!

Time to get back to my edits, I'm working on final edits for the re-release of book one in my Regency-Era Historical: The Three Vices: Patience. My two wips are books two and three in this trilogy: Charity and Prudence.

The cover for Patience is lovely, thanks once again to the fabulous talents of Sahara Kelly and P and N Graphics, LLC. I'll be doing a cover reveal in the next week or so with a giveaway so stay tuned!


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