Saturday, February 8, 2014

Good News and More Fun Pics by C.H. Admirand

I'm delighted to announce that The Marshal's Destiny, Book 1 in my Irish Western Series,  is currently in production at to be come an audio book! How cool is that? Sooo exciting.

The FAB Sahara Kelly and P and N Graphics, LLC have created the audio cover for me. Check it out ;) I wanted to make sure that readers who are following this series would easily recognize the cover.

I loved the audition by Elizabeth Cook and cannot wait to hear the next installment ... the first fifteen minutes. The completed book is due April 7th, fingers crossed that we can keep on schedule. I'm really jazzed for this first audio book and will keep my readers informed of the progress. Will let everyone know when I find out a price.

The poor Robins that flew up here a couple of weeks ago are probably really sorry that they did because we have so much snow up here -- still! The Privet berries they've been dining on are all frozen, not sure that they prefer them icy cold, but at least it's something. The Earthworms they prefer are still fast asleep. ;)

And I just have to include the adorable Wren that looks desperate for a cup of coffee. Doesn't he? LOL! 
Here's the pic ...

 And then the cropped close-up.

I'll leave you with one last pic, the sweetest puppy-face I know ... Jameson after a wrestling match with Josh. ;)


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