Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dec. 18th 7pm Author Party at Barnes & Noble E. Brunswick with the FAB Cathy Genna by C.H. Admirand

The fabulous Cathy Genna--RWA Bookseller of the Year--has rescheduled Tuesday night's event to Wednesday, December 18th because of the wintry weather the other night. I'm delighted that she has had readers asking when the new date would be.;)

Cathy has a flair for putting on events that make the reader and the author feel as if they are her special guests, and we are!

She has re-created bits and pieces of Main Street in Apple Grove, Ohio with her centerpieces--which are giveaways!

Here's the one for Bob's Gas and Gears - and she included Jameson (aka Jamie) from book 2, ONE DAY IN APPLE GROVE. Can you believe that she found cocoa with the Ford logo on it? In case you didn't know the black F1 pickup in all three stories is a Ford ;)

Look what she's put together for Honey's Hair Salon:

And the Apple Grove Public Library:

And of course, the Apple Grove Diner! VBG:

I've already given Cathy two plush puppies to be raffled off that night: Jameson and his brother Guinness. Aren't the just hugable?

I baked two double batches of Cream Scones for Tuesday night, and put them in the freezer. We'll see if they are still edible, or if I need to make more...

And possibly Gram's man-catching Boston Cream Pie--featured in the book ;)

I have a couple of surprises that Cathy doesn't know about to give away. Hope to see you there!


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