Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Equals Pie by C.H. Admirand

It is no secret in our house that Thanksgiving means I'll be baking at the very least 5 pies and my guys get to ask for their special favorites. Our darling daughter does too, even though she's married and a mom herself ;)

This year the requests were for a Blueberry Pie (for Josh and Jessi), Sweet Potato Praline (for my DH), Apple Pie (for Josh to bring to his friend whose mom had to work yesterday), Caramel Apple Pie (Phil was baking this himself) and Buttered Pecan just because...and then when I was ready to start the Rhubarb Pie I realized...someone must have my 6th pie dish...probably someone we gave a pie to last Thanksgiving! Oh least I can bake the Rhubarb next week or maybe wait until Christmas. ;) And Chex Mix for our SIL Tom...he's more of a snack fan than pie fan.

Here are a few pics of the pie-making bonanza here on Wednesday...

Blueberry...after a few epic failures in the past using fresh or frozen blueberries...I make it with canned filling. All of my fruit pies have happy faces on them...unless someone asks me not to for the pie we gave to his friends this year. I was pretty bummed about that. ;(

Check out the size of these Granny Smiths! I only needed 3 big ones and one regular-sized apple for the pie :)

See...sadness ;( no Happy Apple Pie face. But I think I filled it too full of apples and when it baked the shell stayed up high, but the apples settled. Josh said it tasted good though, so I guess it was OK that it's wasn't a pretty pie after it baked. 

Buttered Pecan Pie was next... you roast the Pecans before using them...totally changes the flavor making the pie rich and yummy!

Before baking... 

And prettiest pie of the day...going to have another sliver after I finish writing this blog. Picture me doing the Snoopy Dance!

And the Sweet Potato don't add the Praline topping until after it's baked for about a 1/2 hr to 45 minutes. Then you add the topping...only this year, as I was stirring in the Pecans, I realized that I'd neglected to chop them up first. YIKES! Mental head-slap, but Jessi suggested that I tell the guys that I was trying something if they wouldn't realize I'd simply forgotten to chop up the nuts. LOL!

See? It looks better with chopped nuts...but still tasted yummy. :)

And last but not least, the Flat Pie...or Millich Poi...Milk Pie. It's a custard recipe made with brown sugar, flour and milk. You use the left over scraps from your other pies to make the crust and then fill it. I have to use tin foil in my great, great grandmother's flat pie pan because it's not in the best of shape these days. But it still works and feels as if Gram (my grandmother) and her mom and grandmother are watching over me while I roll out the crust and fill their pie pan. ;)

I didn't get to take a pic of Phil's Caramel Apple Pie because he made it after he got home from work Wednesday evening--but it was beautiful with a lattice top. After he put his pie together we were busy finding a recipe for and  experimenting with Chestnut stuffing...but that's another blog for another time. Don't even get me started with what those suckers look like after roasting and peeling them.

And finally...Happy pies on our kitchen table cooling... was your Thanksgiving? I hope it was filled with warmth, love, family, friends...and most importantly PIE!!! It's what's for breakfast on Black Friday!!!

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