Thursday, September 12, 2013

FOR LOVE OF FLYNN by C.H. Admirand

Sometimes things happen at warp speed around here...and other times...think molasses in January. LOL!

BUT, Flynn finally decided to start talking to me again so I could edit his short story--Book 5 in my Irish Western Series.

The lovely Sahara Kelly and P and N Graphics, LLC created yet another FAB cover for this series. I hope you enjoy Michael and Megan's story. Although it's short, it's packed full of action and adventure, and the all important HEA!

This morning, FLOF is #34 at Amazon in Short Stories :) Thanks to Romance Readers:) 

FOR LOVE OF FLYNN and the rest of the series is now available on Nook at B&N as well as Amazon. Still waiting for Kobo to catch up, the books are still listed as "publishing"--it's been a few days. *sigh*

Although I wanted to make this story a free read, I wasn't able to do that at B&N or Amazon, I was at Kobo...but see the prob above...when it's finally available at Kobo, it will be free. :)

Are you going to RAW? Once again, Lora Leigh has invited a great group of authors to celebrate her annual Reader Appreciation Weekend. I'm delighted to have been invited for the third year in a row :) Hope to see you there!

Happy Reading!

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