Monday, June 24, 2013

THE MARSHAL'S DESTINY Unavailable Until Tomorrow by C.H. Admirand

Good Morning! For Romance Readers who have thought about trying THE MARSHAL'S DESTINY, Book 1 in my Irish Western Series, you will have your chance tomorrow...not today.

This morning, I received a note from KDP that someone reported 3 typos in my book. I'm grateful for that because two of my proofreaders and I missed them. So a huge thank you to whoever found them and reported them!

Maggie and Joshua are trying to be patient while waiting for KDP to do what they need to do to get their story back and live on-line, but they really want new Romance Readers to find them so they can share their story.  :)

Thank you to all of the FAB Romance Readers who have spread the word about this series and for keeping Maggie and Joshua--and Bridget and James in the top 10 at Amazon!

Romance Readers ROCK!!!

Happy Reading

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