Saturday, June 1, 2013

T Minus 3 Days until ONE DAY IN APPLE GROVE releases June 4th! by C.H. Admirand

OK, I have no idea where the times goes.  It's June!!

Hmmm...well maybe it passes quickly because I try to pack so much into each day. This morning I was up at 5:30 and baking the Lavender Cookies our daughter gave me the recipe for. YUMMY! The kitchen did heat up, but before the heat of the day, so it did cool off.

Let's see, yesterday, I spent at BEA, signing book 1 in my contemporary small town series, A WEDDING IN APPLE GROVE. I was at the RWA Booth signing with Hope Ramsay and was so surprised to run out of books by 12:30pm with still a half hour to go!

Today, I've been catching up having been in NYC all day yesterday and am proofing the print version of the second book in my Irish Western Series: THE RANCHER'S HEART.

BUT I still have to organize and start sending out the email reminders to Booksellers and Librarians that the NJRW Bookseller's Luncheon will be on October 20th. And wait until you hear who is giving the Keynote for the Bookseller's Lunch! More to follow :)

Fresh Fiction is holding a contest for me for the month of June.

Sourcebooks will be giving away a copy of book 1, A WEDDING IN APPLE GROVE, at a few of the blogs stops in my Virtual Tour...and I'll be giving away a signed copy of book 2, ONE DAY IN APPLE GROVE, at a few.

Here's the schedule:
June 2013 ~ Virtual Tour Contemporary Small Town Book 2 ~ ONE DAY IN APPLE GROVE

Be sure and visit me and enter for a chance to win!

Happy Reading!

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