Saturday, June 22, 2013

Irish Western Series Bk 3 PEARL'S REDEMPTION is LIVE by C.H. Admirand

I wasn't sure this was actually going to happen, because for some reason Pearl and Davidson decided that their story was too hot and they no longer wanted to share as much of their intimate moments.

At first, I thought, OK...but then what, wouldn't it change the story? And won't that cheat readers who remember Pearl's story and loved it?

Well...yes, it changes the story slightly, but no, I don't think it cheats readers who remember Pearl. I think I've shown what Pearl and Davidson wanted...a deeper connection to their characters, with a lighter touch on their love scenes.

Sold into marriage for a jug of whiskey, Pearl was forced by her first husband before she had a chance to learn to love him. She doesn't know the first thing about passion or the meaning of the word love...ahhh, but then Davidson Smythe of Boston walks up to her front porch claiming to have purchased her ranch. But she would never agree to sell her ranch.

She warns him not to take another step.

He doesn't believe she'll really use that rifle on him.

And that's when the fun begins...she shoots the hat right off his head!

The first time the book was released through Five Star Expressions for the Library Market, I had a caricature created of the image of his hat being shot off his head LOVE artist, Robert Quill...

I loved the way he drew the bit of Davidson's Stetson and the bullet :)

Soooo...dear reader, I'm taking a chance that those of you who have read Pearl in it's original version will give her a chance in this updated one.

PEARL'S REDEMPTION is officially available in e-book as of 2:15am and will be available in trade paperback mid-July.

But I'm hoping to have John Reilly and Jessi Fahy's story edited by then and ready to upload. :)

Until then, happy reading!


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