Sunday, May 26, 2013

Catching up with blogs for my June Virtual Tour and enjoying the flowers by C.H. Admirand maybe I didn't write all of the blogs that I have to, but I did take a chunk out of them today. Yesterday was filled with good intentions, but I just happened to notice that one of my favorite mini-series was playing on the Western Channel--a favorite of mine--North and South as a marathon. So yes, my good intentions kept me company while I watched. But the best part is that they'll be showing North and South II soon. Yep--I'll be there watching that one too.

I tried something different today and created a small video that I wanted to upload to my blog to share with readers, but it didn't work. Soooo, I guess I'll have to scratch that idea.

Anyway...I did take pics of the gardens the other day, so I'll have to use those. Here's our arbor covered with wisteria before the last day and a half of's really lush now! It is also the resting place for bears--apparently the lure isn't the wisteria itself, but the birdseed and suet we hang from the arbor for the birds. Not a fan of black bears hanging out on the arbor, but hey we do live in the wilds of northern NJ. LOL!

This is a view looking at the stream and pond with the gardens--with woodchips! Our oldest son surprised me when we got back from RT he'd put woodchips in the back gardens and installed pretty little solar lights. What a lovely addition to our gardens.

 These are the azaleas out front...they're a bit droopy now after the rain, glad I got the pics before the rain!

 This is a close-up of the Geisha Azalea - the same plant has some pink and white blooms, white blooms with a touch of pink, and as you can see bright pink blooms!

 Here's a shot of the wisteria with the poppies down below it.

And the front herb garden with the "Grandchildren Crossing" sign from my mom's yard.

So back to writing blogs for the June Virtual Tour for book 2 in my contemporary small town series; ONE DAY IN APPLE GROVE. I'm running a contest all month long at Fresh Fiction -- the prize? 3 signed sets of the first two books in the series. So be sure to stop by and enter! The link won't go live until June 1st, but at least you'll know where to go when it does :)

Happy Reading!

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