Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Marshal's Destiny - Revised & Re-Released by C.H. Admirand

I'm so excited to have finally received the rights back to my first book! For various reasons, it took 3 years longer than it should have--that being said, once I received them back, I was ready to roll...or so I thought.

The file I'd been saving from computer to computer (for the last 13 years) was a "galley" file. A galley that I'd made from one of the early versions of the story--not the final version of the story that I'd sent to Avalon. 

OMG! What to do? Did I mention that my Purcell Ancestors' Family Motto is: Aut Vincam, Aut Periam? Translation: I will either conquer or perish! Soooo I did what any insane person would do-- grabbed my copy of the book and started typing it into a word file!

My darling hubby was so impressed by the fact that I was moving full steam ahead--and d*mn the torpedos being fired my way--that he typed a whole chapter for me! My hero *sigh*

THE MARSHAL'S DESTINY is available in e-book for just $0.99! TMD e-bk version and the paperback will be $4.99 at CreateSpace as soon as I double-check the print proof I received yesterday -- I know, such a great bargain, right? :)

P and N Graphics, LLC designed the cover for me--and the logo. Aren't they fabulous?

BUT even better? P and N Graphics is designing the covers for the entire series - 4 books in all! I'm supposed to be writing my Frontier Romance, but am now distracted by the cover P and N just sent for book 2 - THE RANCHER'S HEART....which is next up to edit and revise for re-release :) The books were originally released in hardcover and I'm thrilled to have them released in e-book and paperback format!

Here's the tentative Release Schedule for my Irish Western Series:
  • April ~ THE MARSHAL'S DESTINY, Book 1
  • June ~  THE RANCHER'S HEART, Book 2
  • August ~ PEARL'S REDEMPTION, Book 3
  • October ~ A GIFT FROM HOME, Book 4

So wonderful to have such a dilemma, isn't it?

Sooo, I'm off to pick up Pansies for our yard--what is Spring without Pansies on your front steps to smile at you--when our daughter was little she used to call them face flowers. So here's a pic from last year until I come home with this year's Pansies :)

Happy Reading!

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