Sunday, April 21, 2013

New Website Design by C.H. Admirand

A HUGE thank you to Joanna Shupe for giving a fantastic workshop and hands-on during the NJRW Meeting yesterday. 

I learned so many details that I applied to my current website (at wordpress) and that I will need to apply to my blog. As I told her yesterday, she is AWESOME!!!

BUT, the other cool thing I learned yesterday was from Michele Mannon who gave me the hot tip to try for website building.

I'll admit it was pretty intense around here last night when I got home. I logged on to my computer as soon as I fed the puppy and made coffee, then updated all the changes, I'd learned about from Joanne for my current website. But then started thinking about giving the wix thing a try. :) I stayed glued to the computer working from 5pm until 11:30 last night...then got up again at 5:30 [our youngest son is taking day 3 of his motorcycle safety course--yep totally my idea made his older brother take the course too.] :)

Where was I? Oh yeah, up at 5:30 logged on again and finally, FINALLY, finished about a half hour ago. It took awhile to figure out the domain stuff, pointing subdomain, and DNS stuff. NOT my thing. LOL! 

Then I just had to post it to FB and twitter and then blog about it, because I couldn't have done it without my FAB author friends at NJRW . :)

WOW...I love the template and background I found to use for my website :) It's streamlined, efficient, and has all of the info readers are looking for.

Soooo from now on, I'll have pics and recipes posted to my blog and might have two blogs running for the next little while until I can decide which I want to use for what. Decisions....decisions! LOL!

Here's the temporary link until the domain servers are finished updating the new subdomain stuff

Again I could not have accomplished any of this without the help of my fellow NJRW authors. Sooo Joanna and Michele THANK ladies TOTALLY ROCK.

To catch up with what Joanna [Golden Heart Finalist for DRAWN TO THE EARL] and Michele [NO HOLDS BARRED coming from Carina Press in the fall] are up to, check out their blog The Violet Femmes

Happy Reading!


  1. Yay! So glad that you found the advice and workshop helpful. And you totally rocked it! The new site is great. Simple, easy to find information, beautiful. Really, really nice.

    Now you have complete control. So you can make all the changes you need. Yay!!

  2. Looks like you enjoyed applying what you learned from the workshop! Having a wonderful and unique web design is important to attract visitors and add character to your site. Have fun and enjoy creating your own design!