Thursday, April 18, 2013

Chasing Chickens and Riding on Trains by C.H. Admirand

You're only young once--so live it up! As a toddler you can run chanting "chickies" and "bwak-bwak" at the top of your lungs and not one single person will blink--well except for the other adorable little toddler watching from the safety of her mother's arms while my darling grandson ran toward the chicken wire with arms spread wide, face glowing, gleefully laughing.

It was a picture perfect day yesterday. Hoping to take our daughter's mind off the fact that she is currently without a car while my DH fixes it, I suggested a trip to Pennings Orchard and Farm Market in Warwick, NY. They used to have chickens, sheep and goats, but this year they only had chickens. But what a cacophony of sound they all made...much to the delight of Jack and little Sophia. :)

One of Jack's favorite shows is Thomas the Train--when he saw the wooden train just waiting for him to climb aboard, well, he was just in pig heaven. I snapped pics while his momma helped him climb up and down off the train--in between running back to the fence chanting hoping his momma had just one more quarter to get a handful of feed to toss to his feathered friends.

But I think the best part for us all was the old fashioned custard--a swirl of vanilla and chocolate...a wonderful day to remember always :)

Happy Reading!

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