Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Changing things up by C.H. Admirand

I used to go crazy with Spring cleaning, but over the years have shifted the focus of the cleaning to be writing-related. 

Soooo to start off the Spring cleaning, I've given my blog a new fresh look and will be changing things up on my website too.

It has been giving me a headache looking at how much info I have crammed onto the home page! So I've decided to slowly but surely change this over to a new location and look. Fingers crossed it will be just as informative,  but my life. LOL! Yep that was definitely a joke. 

I'll be trying out different photos from our gardens for the header for my blog. Maybe I'll find one I like as much as the old one :) But that garden is gone because we put the stream and pond there...and the tree behind the playhouse came down during Sandy, so maybe I'll put that garden pic up again. We'll see.

Not sure which day, but I think tomorrow is my day to be at Amanda McIntyre's blog  

She's hosting a bunch of authors celebrating why LADIES LOVE COUNTRY BOYS! I'm giving away a signed copy of the first book in my small town series; A WEDDING IN APPLE come on over!

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