Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Deadline C.H. Admirand

Here's the cover for book off the presses! Do you see the antique Ford F1 pickup! Yee Haw!!! it finally made it to the cover. :) LOVE IT!

BTW, I just told my characters that they have to hang on while I post a quick blog to say...Hey! I'm still here, and frantically tying up loose ends and threads in my story, hoping that it all makes sense and comes together.

The rub is that it always makes sense to me. LOL! That being said, I should tell you that my darling family fills in the blanks when I speak...I know what I'm saying, but at times--just like writing--I leave a word or two out here and there.

Our oldest son likes to remind me that it's 'the chickens'...the ones that distract me as they run through the house. Yes, he thinks he's funny...gets that from his father....don't misunderstand me, I love them all dearly, but there are times.

Next up will be my digital comic from Sea Lion Books: BRING 'EM BACK ALIVE. I'm waiting for pages from the artist creating the case you haven't heard it's a Western Historical Romance set in the late 1870s in Colorado. For those who have read my Irish Western Series, it's Michael Flynn's story.  Check out the cover...

Am also waiting for a date for the large-print edition of A Wedding in Apple Grove due out sometime in April...more to follow.

OH...and in case I forgot to remind's the cover for book 2, ODIAG releasing in June..the little rascal on the cover is the fictional Jameson...aka Jamie...and yes, the many things he does in the book bear a strong resemblance to those things the real Jamie has done. LOL!

Ack! Have used up more time than I thought...characters will think I don't love them anymore.

Have a wonderful New Year! Will have another post soon...16 days and counting....

Happy Reading!

OH...and since I cannot resist our darling little grandbaby...aka's a pic his daddy took of him after Christmas...don't you just love his monster hat?!?

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