Saturday, December 22, 2012

Almost Ready for Christmas by C.H. Admirand

It has been an incredibly busy year and the last two months insanely busy. I'm on deadline and pushing toward the goal of making Grace Mulcahy and Patrick Garahan happy with their story and finishing on time.

But in between I've been babysitting and trying to catch up on my inbox (lost cause) and keeping up with social media (lost cause #2) and EGAD shopping for Christmas for our family (I think I'm done.)

I now have wheels...a reason to celebrate and if it didn't seem too dorky, I was going to take a pic and post it, but stopped myself in time. It's an economical size with a manual trans -- so the gas mileage should be good, but it still will fit all of my boxes of boxes that I travel with to RT every year. :) OH...and now with the addition of a baby seat for our grandbaby Jack...who is such a beautiful baby...quick as the dickens and a rascal. We are blessed.

We were supposed to trim the tree today with our family, but the more we try to plan, the more the plans change. LOL! But thanks to our oldest son, Phil, we had two kinds of fondue, and three kinds of cookies: Gingerbread, Raspberry Pinwheels, and Stained Glass Cookies--sugar cookies with lifesaver centers. Can you say YUM?!?

As we rush into this Holiday Season, remember to do as Bing Crosby suggested so eloquently to  Rosemary Clooney in White Christmas...and count your blessings! Because I can't resist, here is the link to Bing singing to Rosemary

Wishing you joy and laughter and remember as you go through each day in this crazy life of ours that you never know how many lives you touch and enrich with just a kind word or a smiling face. I'm off to watch It's A Wonderful Life...again!

Happy Christmas!


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