Thursday, November 15, 2012

You've Got the LOOK: a peek at my June 2013 Release from Sourcebooks

Thank you to my FAB author friend, Nancy Herkness for tagging me with the “You’ve got the LOOK!” today.As part of this tag, I have to take my most recent work-in-progress or my current manuscript and search for the word “look,” then post the surrounding paragraphs/text.

I chose the book I just finished the edits for…ONE DAY IN APPLE GROVE, Bk 2, Small Town USA Series for Sourcebooks, releasing June 2013.

 Here’s the blurb:  Caitlin Mulcahy and Doctor Jack Gannon have known one another all their lives, but One Day in Apple Grove, they get a glimpse beneath the surface…down to their souls…changing their perceptions of one another and tangling their lives together because Fate has decided they are meant to fall in love.

The first time I use the word LOOK is on page 1:

Dr. Jack Gannon closed the door to his office, LOOKed down Main Street, and smiled. Spring in his hometown meant green and growing—nothing like the Middle East desert peppered with hiding places where insurgents had lain in wait. He shoved those thoughts, and the last fifteen years, back into the tiny box he’d visualized so many times while lying helpless in that hospital bed.
After all the stories he’d heard from this father, Jack had been the first one in the Navy recruiter’s line all those years ago. But none of the places he’d traveled as a hospital corpsman held a candle to the town he called home—Apple Grove.
A soft breeze caressed his face, a loving touch and gentle reminder that he had so much to be grateful for. The Marine he’d been struggling to save when they’d been hit filled his mind. Struggling to bury the memory, and the guilt deep, he focused on one of the lessons he’d learned early in life: There is a time and purpose for everything. He’d been floundering since he’d woken up strapped to a gurney being rushed into surgery. A year and a half later, he was standing, walking—alive. The Marine he’d tried to save wasn’t.
Growing up in a town where farming was a way of life for most, he’d come to appreciate that spring was the season for growth. The urge to sink his shriveled roots back into the warm, rich, life-giving soil of his hometown just might satisfy his need for personal growth. No one in town knew the depth of his pain, or the extent of his injuries. To them, he was simply old Doc Gannon’s son coming home to pick up where his father left off, taking care of the people in this tight-knit community. If he could continue to keep a lid on the roiling pot of guilt, pain, and uncertainty, no one would ever have to know the truth—that he should have been the one to die.
The wind shifted, clearing his head and the thoughts haunting him. He caught the fleeting, teasing scent of fresh-baked pies wafting toward him from the open door of the Apple Grove Diner. Glad to redirect his thoughts, he wondered if the diner was still gossip central. It had been for as far back as he could remember—the latest news…good and bad…served up with a man-sized slice of pie, hot cup of coffee, and a smile. “God, I really missed this place.”

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  1. What a beautifully descriptive, moving opening! Wow! I loved it! Glad I tagged you and got this treat.