Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blogging Oct. 7th @ Wild and Wicked Cowboy Blog + Giveaway

I'll be blogging tomorrow at one of my new homes: Wild and Wicked Cowboy Blog. For those of you who have already been there, it's normally for writers of Erotic Romance...but they bent the rules to let a hot cowboy writer in. LOL!

Tomorrow's topic is Carbohydrate-Loading: The Cure for your Overworked Cowboy! 
I had such fun writing the blog and hope you'll stop by and say hi.

Since I'm new to the W&WCB, I'm giving away a copy of DYLAN...I gave away a copy of TYLER with the first blog I posted. 
I'll be blogging on the 7th and 28th of the month....hopefully I can keep thinking of things to say!

I'm not sure the readers are interested in hearing about my upcoming Small Town USA release November 6th... A WEDDING IN APPLE I'll save that for other blog posts. :) So come on over and see if my cure won't work for your darlin' cowboy 


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