Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Leather Lair my sister, Suzanne's, Shop!!!

 My sister, Suzanne, owns The Leather Lair and is the creator of some FABULOUS leather jackets, skirts, butterfly corsets, dragon tails, faerie wings, etc. From Medieval to Steampunk,  Suzanne has been designing and sewing these creations for years, apprenticing at the NY Renn Faire, but she soon realized that this is what she wanted to do with her life...unlike her older sister (me) who dreams up characters who then start to argue in her head!

Our sister, Charette...the middle sister, and talented artist and creator of bustles--the rage for those into the Steampunk movement--is far more sane. We know our older brother, Dean, one half of the singing duo Kindred Spirit is just this side of crazy like me! But if you're in the mood for Irish Rebel tunes...or ballads, you need to check out his website and find out where he's playing so you can raise your glass and sing along with Dean and Tim. Here's his website: 

But...I digress...OK...back to my leather-crafting sister, Suzanne has a booth at the PA Renn Faire, which BTW, opened on August 4th and will run through to October 28th, 2012. What a great venue for a fun weekend with your sweetie, or your entire family! Guaranteed good time for everyone...Follow the link for more info 

You can see more of Suzanne's creations...The Leather Lair has a shop page on facebook 

A month or so ago, I finally had the chance to visit my sister's store located at 1060C South State Street, Ephrata, PA 17522. I fell in love with her store and everything in it! She has always had a knack for decorating, and her store is a fabulous showcase for her clothing and bits and pieces of things my sister loves. Here are some shots of the interior of her store...

And her creations!!!



So if you happen to be in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania--or attending the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire--and are in the mood to browse custom leather sure to check out The Leather Lair.

My wonderful sister gave me this totally awesome leather corset--in my favorite color, green, last year. I wore it to Lora Leigh's RAW. It fit like a dream! Here's a pic of me wearing the corset...hamming it up with Nikki Duncan...and a pic I took just now of the corset so you can see the details--the buckles across the front of the fitted corset and the lacings up the side. What can I say, my sister's a genius!

Years ago, Suzanne designed this rough-cut leather jacket, and I fell in love with it and HAD to have it!! My favorite outfit is my ankle-length black lace dress, granny boots and this jacket. :) Such a lovely shade of green and with her signature touches...round-braid ties and pewter Celtic knot buttons.'s to my amazingly talented sister...thanks for being you, Suzanne!!!

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