Friday, April 20, 2012

Sourcebooks Author Tour

What a wonderful time -- has it already been a week since the tour? 

OMGoodness time is flying past me as I get ready to go to Virginia overnight next week, I'm the first author to speak to the Friends of the England Run Library in Fredericksburg, VA...note to self...finish up notes and pack promo...keeping my nose to the grindstone to finish One Day in Apple Grove, Bk 2 in my new small town USA series for Sourcebooks.

Here's a pic of Dominique Raccah and Danielle Jackson...

I wasn't able to attend the first tour, but was so lucky that Danielle and Beth had a second smaller tour for their authors. Check out the drum....they bang on it when there is amazing news: an author making the NYTimes and USA Today List and SB employees come from all corners of the office to hear the good news!

Here's a closeup of the rock shelves...they displayed our books...and me the eternal geek snapped a closeup. LOL!

Did I mention that the back of this rock shelf had a fountain? The sound of water is sooo soothing. I have a table top fountain in my office at home. :)


It was a day of firsts for me: I'd never seen one of the Chicago cows up close (wearing a boa...that cow must sneak out at night and party.

I had the opportunity to sign the wall with other Sourcebooks authors!

They have two walls that are filling up with 
signatures of SB authors who visit their 
Naperville, Illinois office. :) 

Here is the fab PR Department!


Our wonderful publisher, Dominique Raccah 
was on hand to greet us.

What a lovely surprise to see our covers displayed as we walked into the office... Thanks, ladies!!!

I was sooo excited to be on the tour, that although I remembered to snap photos, I didn't have the time to write down everyone's name, and for that I apologize. 

Although the office wasn't full, we met everyone who was there last Friday and learned just a bit about the departments who work together to keep our books out there for our readers. :)

Here are some Pics from the IT Dept.

 When we visited the Sales & Marketing Dept. how cool was it that when we mentioned our titles, they knew who we were! LOL. :)

Interesting banner on the wall...

Production Department hard at work, so jealous of their top notch computers and monitors!

These lovely ladies were one of the last stops on our tour, we made a huge circle coming in the front door and ending up here...just past the too-die-for authors' wall... Next time, I hope I'll be able to jot down everyone's names.

I met Todd Stocke last year at BEA...he was one of our last stops on the tour before they surprised us with a yummy fruit platter and the decadent chocolate goodie platter. OK...I did give in to when the brownie called my name...but I had some fruit first! :)

 A HUGE thank you to Beth and Danielle for driving us and for taking us on the tour. I'm delighted to be a part of such a fabulous team.

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