Saturday, April 7, 2012


After going back and forth a few times, Sourcebooks finally decided on Apple Grove, Ohio as the name of the town where my new Small Town USA series will be set. I try not to get too attached to titles because they are forever changing. :)

Although the cover has a classic 50s car on the cover, my heroine, Megan Mulcahy, drives her grandfather's 1950 black Ford F1's what it looks like...only with Mulcahy's in gold letters on the side.

The hero, Dan Eagan, loves classic and antique cars...and is thrilled to see the Ford F1 in the driveway, but like a kid in a candy store when he finds out that parked in the Mulcahy's barn is a 1929 Model A Pickup just waiting to be restored and driven, he can't wait to see it! 

A sign that I haven't been keeping up with the times is that the definition of "classic car" is forever changing as the years go by because to be considered a classic, the car must be at least 20 years to 40 years old. Antiques are 45 years and older. Who knew? Obviously not me because I still call cars classics that were classics when I was a teenager! LOL!

When I was 19, my Dad took me down to Edward's Ford in Pompton Lakes to look at cars. The only person he'd buy a car from was Larry Setterfield--hometown football hero from Pompton Lakes High School--when all was said and done, my Dad co-signed on my first car a 1977 Ford Pinto Hatchback...silver with a red interior...boy did I think I was cool driving to work in that car. And yeah my darling hubby (boyfriend at the time) installed a brand new cassette player in the glove box of that car, so no one would see it to steal it. I still have the tape I copied from a friend's album that I played to near death...Jackson Browne's For Everyman...gotta love the way he sings Redneck Friend! It still plays, but the sound quality isn't as good as it was back then. LOL!

Before I got married 2 years later, I paid off that car and repaid my Dad for the  down payment. Cars, like music have always played an important role in my life. 

My car-crazy guys are trying to find the make and model of the car on my new cover, but the closest we can come is a 1957 Chrysler 300 

1957 Plymouth Fury

or 1957 DeSoto Adventurer

But none of the taillights are right...but judging by the wheelbase, it's a photo-shopped image, so it's hard to pin down. But is sure is pretty. :)

So here's to a life-time love of cars, music, and my family...I'd truly be lost without them!

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