Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fredericksburg, VA Author Luncheon

Thank goodness, Joan Leavitt sent the names I needed to let everyone know who's who in the pictures below. The names are updated in red so they are easy to see. 

It was such a pleasure driving down to Virginia on Tuesday, the sun was shining, the sky a bright blue and the air...well in West Milford it was a crisp 41 degrees, but the further south I drove, the warmer the temperature. By the time I reached Virginia it was nearing 70 degrees!

My lovely friends, Joan and Jim Leavitt extended an invitation to stay with them in Fredericksburg, VA at Falls Run and greeted me with warm hugs and big smiles. We had time to catch up on news from NJ and what was happening in VA. I don't think I've had time to decompress and relax like that in years! A HUGE thank you to Joan and Jim.

 Here's a photo of the main entrance to their community...

and a one of their Club House...

We were so busy catching up that I neglected to take photos of Joan and Jim, but I was able to get in some pages Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning (my May 15th deadline is rapidly approaching!) before Joan and I headed to the Riverside Theater and Conference Center for the Author Luncheon.

Here's a photo of the luncheon committee...all members of the Friends of the England Run Library. I hope to have everyone's names soon so I can update the information!

Thanks to my friend, Joan Leavitt, here are the names of the lovely ladies of the Author Luncheon Committee:  The ladies in the group picture are from left to right: Barbara Balint, Joan Leavitt,Barbara Adam, Joan Bitely, Kathy Gibbs, Lois Michel, Shirley Sommer, and Jackie Richards. 

Mingling with attendees...

The lovely ladies collecting tickets and selling raffle tickets for the wonderful donations, Target, Walmart, and local business were very generous with their donations, all in support of the Friends of the Library.  The ladies at the raffle table are: Barbara Adam, Kathy Gibbs, and Jean Newbrough. 

Because my mom always taught me never to go anywhere empty-handed, I brought a raffle basket filled with my Irish Western Series, a journal, pens, etc. 

 Here is a photo of Joan Leavitt, myself, and Joan Bitely. Thank goodness Joan L. and Joan B. split the organization of the event and I am indebted to both of them for a wonderful event!

Pictured below are Joan Leavitt,  Nancy Buck, the England Run Library Branch Manager, and Joan Bitely.

Here is a shot of the tables...It took sheer willpower NOT to eat the dessert before lunch...a yummy lemon confection with fresh raspberries.  My great-grandmother always ate her dessert before her meal...but in her defense, she had 10 children and by the time they were all finally at the table and eating, she wanted to make sure she got dessert! :)


What a wonderful group of people in attendance yesterday. I was more than a bit nervous, being that I would be the first author to kick off the Friends of the Library Author Luncheon Program...soon to be an annual fundraising event. Soooo, I rehearsed my talk ahead of time...and all the way down to Virginia...and Tuesday night before I closed my eyes. 

I'm happy to report that the talk and Q&A that followed was well received. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was high praise to hear Joan, my former office manager, tell me what a lovely job I did. Thanks, Joan! 

Another highlight for me was when one of the ladies came up afterward and told me that while I was speaking my Irish heritage came through. She smiled as she told me that I was a true SeanchaĆ­...Gaelic for her husband. 

Here is a photo of the entrance to the England Run Library... 

and the amazing fireplace!

For more information about the England Run Library in Fredericksburg, VA visit

And for more information about the Friends of the England Run Library visit 

Edie Gross from the Free-Lance Star contacted me for a phone interview about the event while I was attending the Romantic Times Booklover's Convention in Chicago two weeks ago. She just sent the PDF of the two page article. Thanks, Edie! But, since I'm not all that computer savvy, I can't figure out how to convert the PDF into an here's the link to the web article instead...

Now...back to my deadline and wip ONE DAY IN APPLE GROVE!! 

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