Friday, April 13, 2012

Digital Comic Contract w/ Sea Lion Books!!!!

OMGoodness, I am still pinching myself! Renee Bernard and I both won Digital Comic Contracts from Sea Lion Books yesterday!!! It was announced during the first Graphic Novel workshop of the day. Needless to say, I was so surprised and overwhelmed that I made a complete fool of myself. (If my husband or one of our children is reading this, I do expect them to put on their "surprised face.") 

I was trying to keep it together and not cry--the good kind, which always looks like the bad kind because my eyes and nose turn red and get the picture--and was doing all right standing in front of the room while the composed and lovely Renee stood on one side of the huge board with our names on it, Les Dabel, of Dabel Brothers Publishing, and myself stood on the other. And then someone said I should be smiling and the damn broke...I HATE to I did what any knot-headed person would and left...found the nearest ladies room.

YIKES! After I mopped my face, I went back and thank Les profusely and apologized for breaking down. It's so hard when a dream you thought would never happen is being literally handed to you on a silver platter with angels singing in the background. Hey...I was there and that's what I heard! LOL! Here we are with our sign proclaiming us as winners. :)

Here is a picture of Renee, myself, and Derek Ruiz, VP of Sea Lion Books during the Graphic Novel & Indie Publisher Expo...

Here is the sequence of events...when I signed up for RT and was perusing the workshops to be offered...a link popped up to enter a contest to win a Digital Comic Contract from Sea Lion Books. I've always wanted to see one of my Irish Westerns in comic/graphic novel form and the wheels started turning, but I almost didn't enter. I was on deadline and  expecting copyedits any day, but after receiving a not-so-subtle nudge from one of my dearest friends, I decided to give it a try.

What could they possibly say that I haven't heard in the 17 years I've been writing? No? LOL! The word no just has me quoting our Purcell ancestors' family motto: Aut Vincan, Aut Periam...translation: I will either conquer or perish.

My Irish Western Series is near and dear to my heart, so it was a no-brainer to continue with Michael Flynn's story.

Here's the blurb for the Digital Comic:

Bring ‘Em Back Alive Blurb by C.H. Admirand
     Megan O’Mara travels all the way to America to hunt down her betrothed. She’s been waiting four years and 319 days for Michael Flynn to fulfill his promise to marry her.  She’s done waiting. With just a few months left before her 21st birthday, she counts up all of the pin money she’s saved to give her and Michael a start in their married life and uses it to buy passage on a ship to America and then a ticket on the stagecoach that will take her halfway across the country to Emerson, Colorado where she plans to confront the man who’s broken her heart. 

     Michael Flynn worked his way West from New York City where he got off the boat from Ireland five years before. He’s promised Meg, his sweetheart back home, that he’d be back in five years to marry her, but buying his way into a card game to double his money and return to Ireland a well-propertied man that Meg could be proud of goes awry when he wins—and then is shot and robbed by the very same man he cleaned out at the poker table. 

     Will Meg be able to reach Michael in time to bring him back alive?

I'll be posting more as I have info and updates about the timing of the Digital Comic.

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