Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bunny Ears & RT

OK...so there are only a few times in a parent's life that they can take pictures that will always have a place in their heart...and at the same time inevitably embarrass their children. We have quite a few for our kids, but of course that was before digital cameras. LOL! 

Soooo, to continue this tradition, I bought this adorable bunny ear hat for our darling grandson, Jack. Hence the title and the pic... I think our daughter is going to be asking for a copy of this for future use. :)

I'm so glad we had a chance to see Jack and Jessi on his first Easter. Unfortunately Tom had to work, so we didn't get to see him. Before we left to go see the great-grandparents, I snapped a pic of Uncle Josh and Jack fighting over Josh's laptop.

I can't leave Uncle Phil out, here's a pic of him keeping Jack occupied a week or so ago...

Now for news from Chicago ~~~~~Today, I'm headed to Barbara Vey's first ever Reader Appreciation Luncheon...here's the link /http://www.barbaraveyreaders.com/

My fab friend, Anne Elizabeth organized things so a bunch of us could ride over together from the hotel...did I mention it was in Wisconsin...good thing she didn't tell me that before hand or I might have said it's too far! LOL. Unfortunately, Anne won't be able to attend today, so the lovely Renee Bernard and I will each be 1/2 of AE for the day, ready to hand out her promo for her table. I'm looking forward to the ride, and promise to take pics so Anne can see everyone who sat at her table! Here's the link to Anne's website http://www.anneelizabeth.net/

And Renee Bernard's website http://www.reneebernardauthor.com/

Sooo...in about three minutes, it'll be time to get dressed, grab some tea and something to munch on and be off for the day.

My darling Dave, who drove the 12 hours to get here from NJ yesterday, will be moving boxes, books, tote bags and more working behind the scenes. I'm so glad he's here with me, but am not sure how often I'll see him in between the events, I'm one of the hosted authors for: the Western Reader Roundup tomorrow at 2:15, Afternoon Delight Bookseller & Librarian Party at 12:15 on Friday, and the SOS Military Mixer on Saturday at 3:30 pm.

Here's to a fabulous week at RT!!!

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