Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Barbara Vey's Reader Appreciation Luncheon

Barbara Vey is a staunch supporter of Romance Books, Writers, Readers and the Genre...and we are lucky to have her. Her blog Beyond Her Book is a fun place for readers to go to hear the latest, attend events virtually with Barbara, and have their finger on the pulsebeat of the latest releases. Here's the link:

The luncheon was dedicated to Barbara's mom and I have absolutely no doubt that her mother -- a reader and romance lover -- would be very proud. Barbara and her volunteers did an amazing job with the event. Every single seat was filled and all of those attending had big smiles on their faces as they chatted with favorite authors...or new favorite authors.  

Heather Graham as always was a fabulous speaker. I am in awe of her not only her talent as a writer, but the ease with which she stands before a group and enthralls them with tales...she is a true SeanchaĆ­ -- Gaelic for storyteller.

My dear friend, Anne Elizabeth sponsored a table at the event and invited me to join in the fun. At the last minute she was unable to attend, so Renee Bernard and I shared the distinctive duty of "being Anne" for the day. We had a blast!

Here are some pics...

  Elizabeth Hoyt and Cathy Maxwell...

 Renee Bernard, Elizabeth and Cathy...

 Carolyn Follett, an Independent Editor, and Andrew Bamford from Australia

The lovely Jennifer from Australia...wish I remembered to ask her last name...and Megan Bamford, Bookseller and Reviewer from Australia...

 That's me, Jennifer, and Megan...

So Anne could see the program and her bio, I texted this pic to her...

Molly Laabs, librarian at the Oak Creek Library, C.H. (me) and Barbara Roark, Director of the Franklin Public Library. These lovely ladies joined the rowdy group at our table. As we chatted, I began to wonder if there wasn't a bit of Karmic influence involved as we chatted about our love for books (especially romance) our gardens, crocheting, and our grown children...common ground that made the time fly.

By the end of the event, I wished we lived a bit closer to Wisconsin.

Here is Ann Hinnenkamp (hope I'm spelling that correctly as I gave Anne her business card already) She won Anne's gift bag...Christina Skye, Renee Bernard and I contributed's hoping Ann enjoys reading them as much as we did writing them.

All in all, it was a fabulous event and I am already planning on attending next year. RT will be in Kansas City so it's still doable!

Oops! I have to get going or I'll miss out on breakfast with my hubby...he has to meet Johnny Jones downstairs at 9...they'll be crazy busy moving tote bags, books, and more for the fab events on the schedule today. As always there is a friendly crew who are working alongside them, I'm just sorry I didn't have time to help out this year...but there is always Kansas City! LOL!

Today is the Western Reader Roundup at 2:15...hope to see you there!

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