Monday, March 26, 2012

Should I Repaint My Office? at our house it's no secret that I have a fabulous office that I can no longer write in... 

It started out with a hemmed-in feeling, probably because I store promo for upcoming events in my office, but it gradually became impossible for me to write in there. 

I have lovely Pre-Raphaelite art, tiny ceramic faeries, a desk-top waterfall, etc., but it's no use. I simply cannot write in there.

Maybe it was that last bookshelf that I moved into my office to get the stacks of research books up off the floor...
You'd think it would be the perfect place to work, it has my old desktop and a space for my laptop...but alas...whenever I sit down to work...nothing happens!


Last fall we re-did the kitchen, painting the cabinets a lovely soft shade of sage green, the walls a buttery yellow, adding a copper backsplash, and then laying the wood floor. 

We're weekend warriors at our house, always have been, always will be. There's just something about doing things yourself, that gives you a sense of satisfaction.

The kitchen has always been at the heart of who I am...I love to's OK...but given the choice, I'd bake. :) 

Yep, I'm a certified, card-carrying carboholic! I got up early on St. Patrick's Day to bake. 

I have this fabulous Irish Soda Bread recipe....

...and after experimenting, two Whiskey Cake recipes. :)  
This is a pic of the Traditional Whiskey Cake...

And here is a pic of the experiment...marrying two family great-grandmother, Margaret Mary Flaherty's Butter Cake and the Traditional Irish Whiskey Cake.

Both were so good...they were gone! I'm off to work on Book 2 in my new Small Town USA series for Sourcebooks. At the moment, they are trying to find the perfect name for the started out as Purity, Ohio...and at the moment is Apple Grove, Ohio... so the title will be changing.

BUT isn't the temporary cover lovely?'s already after Noon here, so I'd better get back to my wip!

Happy Reading,
C.H. Admirand

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