Monday, February 27, 2012

Spring is in the air and in my NEW Blog Header! the picture for my new blog header is actually from late May/early June, but I needed to see green growing things and flowers...lots of flowers!

I took this picture one morning while drinking tea and doing my reading for the day. It's such a soothing spot on the patio. 

It's hard to believe, but I really don't remember what year we put it in...we were supposed to go away for vacation, but our oldest son came down with a stomach bug, so we decided to do yard work and let him recuperate in the lawn chair watching us (and telling his younger sister and brother what to do!)

My hubby created the design for the layout of the bluestones on his computer and then HE started telling everyone what to do! LOL.  

Now years later, these are the lovely plants that surround it: Bee Balm, Purple Coneflowers, Native Raspberries, Butterfly Bushes, and Violets surrounding a pretty lantern. I love the way the early morning sun touches the tops of the flowers.

In the background is the playhouse my hubby built for our kids when they were small. I can't wait for grandbaby Jack to start exploring our yard. 

So many precious memories here...and many more to come! 

My positive thought for the day while Caitlin Mulchay and Jack Gannon...aka Doc Gannon...nudge me to get back to work on their story...One Day in Apple 2 in my Small Town USA series!

Every day is a gift...embrace what is precious is your life! 


  1. I love your pretty flowers, I have a few of them in my garden here in north fla. but i don't have a green thumb, so I need flowers that have low maintance.I'm good with herbs on window sill. Love the baby picture, I have a home daycare and am looking for more babies to join my group...I have a newborn coming in May, crossing my fingers that they decide for Addi to stay with me.Met with the mom, she had to talk it over with hubby... anyways, I love reading Tyler and need to get dylans book but have to put food on the table instead of books for money is tight...but I will get soon. Love your blog...have a wonderful monday!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by yesterday! I really, really needed to see some flowers. We've taken so many pictures over the years we've been in our home. When we first moved in we didn't have any gardens...just a crab apple and a lilac in the back.

      I don't really have a green thumb, more of a plant it and Lord willing it'll grow philosophy. :) I haven't had any luck with herbs inside yet...but I'm not ready to give up. We have them outside, but NJ isn't as kind as FL weather-wise once the cold weather comes.

      Isn't he precious? Our first grandbaby. Congratulations to you! May isn't all that far away now. They grow up so quickly and you do wonder where the time has gone. It's hard to believe that the men with the five o'clock shadows hanging out on the couch--or the daughter with a baby of her own--used to be bundles so small I could hold them in my arms.

      I'm glad you enjoyed reading TYLER.I definitely understand about finances, just when we think we're going to get ahead, something else needs replacing in the house or breaks down on the road.

      Good luck with Addi and your daycare!