Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Welcome to Purity! New Small Town America Series for Sourcebooks!! it's been unofficially official since RT, but I signed the contracts and mailed them off today, so it's now official!!!

I'm beyond excited to be able to announce that Deb Werksman of Sourcebooks has offered contracts for a new trilogy for Sourcebooks...this time Small Town America. I love writing about small towns, and those of you who know me and have read my Irish Western Series, know that the towns in my books are really characters, too.

Thank you to my fabulous agent, Eric Ruben, I wouldn't be making this announcement without his guidance and support. A special thank you to Deb Werksman, my wonderful editor, helping me to dig deeper to reach a whole new level in my writing, and believing in me. I couldn't resist, when I came across this image, I had to include it. What's not to love about a sign like this???  FYI, the population in Purity, Ohio (where my trilogy is set) is 997. I can't wait to get started on book 1 in the WELCOME TO PURITY series, but first I have to do justice to the youngest Garahan brother, JESSE, I'm working on his story now...DYLAN's in copyedit :)

C.H. Admirand

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  1. Colleen: I'm so happy for you! Dancing a jig here in Oklahoma. I can hardly wait to visit Purity!