Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pics from LA - Pre RT Convention

My hubby and I flew out on Wednesday to Los Angeles and were lucky enough to spend all of Thursday site-seeing and taking pics of LA.

Wednesday evening we found the Border Grille across the street from the hotel...fabulous happy hour menu...and wonderful bartender - Steve! I posted on facebook about the Border Grille Wednesday evening. Here's the link to the restaurant...if you're coming to RT or ever in LA, add it to your list of places to go!

OK, the first thing I should say is that between the two of us we have two pairs of reading glasses...and only one of us is really good at reading maps...Note to Self: Make sure the one who can READ the map is the one WITH the reading glasses! LOL! Yep, we got turned around more than once, due to my map-reading skills. Anyway, here are a couple of pics from LA. You can see all of the pics I took on facebook.

This is the view from the elevator! Yeah...not a fan of those glass-type elevators. I usually stand with my back to the glass, but I really wanted to get a snap shot of the mountains we flew over to get to LA.

The Bird of Paradise plants were everywhere and so lush! This was by a waterfall in an open terrace not far from the hotel.

Pots of Cyclamen -- I've never seen them planted outside before!

The nearby water gardens were fun to watch.

A view of the gate to the Angel's Flight Tram looking down from inside the Tram...25cents per ride!

Here's a shot of the inside of the tram...lovely wood interior.

Going with public transportation, it was a few blocks to walk to the Metro Station where we purchased our day pass for the bus/metro ($6 - a great bargain...or $1.50 each way for those with exact change)  LaBrea Tar Pit was just a bus ride away on the #720. We took it to Wilshire and Fairfax, from there just a block or so to our destination.

Here are a few shots of LaBrea Tar Pits & Museum:

Mastodon skeletons - naturally preserved by the tar...mother and young found in the tar pit. What's so very different about the finds at LaBrea is that they are actually the skeletal remains of these animals, etc...the tar/asphalt preserved the bones, whereas other finds are fossilized remains of bones.

One of the Mastodon statues at LaBrea Lake...very was easy to imagine the poor creature was headed toward it's doom without a clue that it would become mired in the tar pit.

Another view of LaBrea was a combination of water and tar/asphalt. The scent of tar in the air was really odd at first. Looking at the Lake you can see bubbles every so often...caused by methane releasing every so often.

The Atrium garden at the Page Museum was lovely and so lush with vegetation!

Turtles in the Atrium pond

We could both take a short break yesterday to walk around LA a bit more, but then it was back to work. We'll be moving boxes, etc. soon, getting ready for the convention.

C.H. Admirand

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