Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Signing TYLER at Posmon Books!

I've been going crazy trying to keep up, but didn't want to forget to post about the wonderful time I had visiting with the lovely Stacey Agdern of Posmon Books on Saturday.

She invited me to come in to NYC to do a stock signing of TYLER and then go out and chat afterward. Funny thing about living in the wilds of northern NJ...the train and bus schedules on the weekend are nearly non-existent. Lucky for me, my darling hubby came to the rescue and offered to drive me in. Just another way that he continues to prove that he's my hero!

Here's a pic of Stacey and Tyler ;) It was sooo cool to be asked, but when we got there, she apologized because she only had two copies left. Pinch me!!! 

She suggested going to St. Andrew's Restaurant for a bite to eat...I warned my hubby that there would be men in kilts, he just grinned at me knowing that I've been trying to get him into one for years. LOL. Unfortunately, there were quite a few female waitresses there in kilts but only one man in a kilt...we must have arrived during the shift change.
Here's a pic from St. Andrew's website. And for those who might be interested in going to the ONLY Scottish pub in NYC.
Here's the link: http://www.standrewsnyc.com/  

I'll have to go again to see if they have more men in kilts later in the evening. LOL!  Too bad Tartan Week is during RT, or else, I'd be there snapping pics and taking part in the events.  

I'm sending a HUGE THANK YOU to Stacey for inviting me to sign and for sharing such a fun evening at St. Andrew's.

C.H. Admirand


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