Thursday, October 21, 2010

THE SAXON BRIDE Now Available in Print

Here's the tiny url for Amazon:

For those that haven't read the e-book's the blurb:

Will Lady Eyreka become a tenant on her own land, or boldly step forward and offer herself as bride? Merewood Keep is just beginning to earn revenues and with her son as it's overlord.

When King William decides to gift the newly rebuilt keep to one of his favored knights, she is devastated until she hears the rumors that the Norman is widowed.

Augustin de Chauret has no desire to marry, nor live in England. But his liege lord has gifted him with a keep and now a wife. But will the Saxon beauty be willing to raise his motherless daughter and teach her how to run a keep?

ScrapFairy Designs created this amazing video for me when the e-book was released. I still sigh when I see it. Check it out on You Tube:


C.H. Admirand

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