Saturday, May 29, 2010

RT Photos!

May isn't over yet, so I'm not quite as far behind as I'd hope to be posting the pics I have from the fabulous RT Convention in Ohio. What a wonderful event for both writers and readers. So many familiar faces and many new ones.

My husband went with me this year...and that offer started in a bar in San Diego...the day before Anne Elizabeth's wedding. We were chatting with JoCarol and Johnny Jones about RT and how much I had missed not attending last year when he said he'd go to help with set up, etc.

I usually go a few days ahead and pitch in wherever I can and have packed bags, sorted goodies, and met some wonderful people, most of whom are behind the scenes at RT and diligently working because they love it!

This year was no exception...familiar faces who remembered and missed me last year...that was the best feeling. So I rolled up my sleeves and pitched in and met a lovely couple from the Akron area...Sharon and Art. Here is a photo of them attending the Afternoon Delight Bookseller & Librarian's Event. We chatted while we worked and became friends. Sharon is a bookseller with Munchkin Books and Art was there for the same reason my husband was, to pitch in.

The funny part is that once Dave got started, he got sucked right in with the tremendous amount of work that needs to be done to keep the convention moving forward toward the first day, boxes to be located, lists to be cross-checked, etc. the amount of work is daunting, but these volunteers are not faint of heart.

We were often going in separate directions and would meet in the hallway for a quick chat or a fifteen minute break in the hotel bar where they had Guinness on tap!!! So much more than a breakfast drink an loaded with protein. What I thought would be a week with my husband to myself ended up being a week just like any other, where we would see each other at the start of the day and then meet up around dinner time...but the added bonus was that we would see each other for those brief moments in time.

One lovely moment, we actually got to sit down on one of the gliders in the hallway. RT had rocking chairs and gliders for convention-goers to enjoy. What a lovely idea. Very relaxing, unless you happened to sit down without realizing the bench was a glider.

I'll post more pics later!

C.H. Admirand

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