Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Russian Fan Club!

Last week I received an email from Eduard Revenko, advising that I have a Fan Club in Novocherkassk and have received his permission to blog about it. I've already sent the information off to my webmaster, so it will be on my home page soon!

It is such a thrill, and an honor, and definitely one of the highlights of my writing career!

I've chatted with Eduard a few times since last week and was delighted to receive his permission and an invitation to visit Russia. My daughter is ready to go. All I need is a few weeks of vacation time...and a vacation fund.

Of course I had to go on-line to see what I could find out about Novocherkassk. It is a city rich in tradition, founded in 1805 by Cossack Army Commander, General Matvey Ivan Platov. Novocherkassk is the capital of the Cossacks. True to Cossack tradition, people from other places and nationalities also live there, a place of freedom.

Check out the statue of General Platov...

There were some lovely photos of buildings in the city, here are a few of my favorites. A triumphal arch dedicated to the Cossack victory over Napoleon.


And a lovely Russian Orthodox Cathedral

So Eduard, if you are reading this blog...thank you for contacting me and for enjoying reading my books as much as I love writing them! I finally made it to the post office yesterday, so watch your mail box!

C.H. Admirand


  1. Did you also notice on the web how many people he has contacted for their signed photo - including the President of Indonesia.
    And female authors like myself.
    I wonder how many will turn up in Novocherkassk????????

  2. I'm a female author and he contacted me too. Maybe he's creating a scrapbook? One has to think he has dozens of fan clubs where he's the only member.

  3. I forwarded his email to my publisher -- it sounded a little fishy -- and she told me there was a virus attached to it. Be advised.

    Edward Eaton