Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Event Yesterday @ the WM Jazzercise Center

First let me send out a HUGE THANK YOU to Christine Leonescue, owner of the West Milford Jazzercise Center! She was gracious enough to let us hold the signing/event after both morning classes yesterday.

When good friend and fellow author, Tara Nina asked if I wanted to do a book signing with her at the Jazzercise Center the day before Valentine's Day, I NEVER considered how early in the morning we'd be doing the signing, so of course I said yes! Anyway, we had a wonderful time yesterday and not only had the benefit of taking two Jazzercise classes back-to-back (more on that later), but had the opportunity to chat with fellow members while sipping Mimosas and munching on chocolate and cookies. Why didn't we think to provide fresh fruit and yogurt? Well, although I do enjoy eating foods that are healthy, my first choice will always be to reach for something truly decadent.

OH..and note that there are NO pictures of Tara and I...when we workout...we sweat. Enough said! If you've never been to a Jazzercise Class, you've never truly had fun working out. It's a combination of dance, cardio, free weights, Pilates, etc. Check it out at Christine's website BUT back-to-back hour long classes are not easy to do. Even if it's part of your regular weekly exercise routine, the cardio takes it out of you. Well it's not easy for me. I'm sure there are those out there who would just breeze through the class and more power to them.

If you have the opportunity, check out your local Jazzercise Center and try them out. You've never really enjoyed working out until to try this unique combination.

I hope you all enjoy your Valentine's Day with that someone special in your lives.

C.H. Admirand

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