Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Research...Bristol, Rhode Island

My husband has always loved sailing, for the longest time I was certain the sea and sailing would always be his first love...but after thirty years of marriage, I know that the heart has an infinite capacity to hold and to give love.

ANYWAY...we drove up to the Herreshoff Museum in Bristol, Rhode Island. I thought Nathaniel Herreshoff only built pleasure boats, aside from America's Cup winning 12 metre yachts. I was delighted to discover that his boatyard was responsible for constructing torpedo boats and patrol boats for Congress in 1894. During WWI they constructed patrol boats.. in 3 sizes, as well as "flying" boats...what looked like sea planes to me...but I'm no expert . The biggest surprise for me was the WWII Production Record of 100 boats in a broad range of sizes from rescue boats to transport and minesweepers.

C.H. Admirand

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