Monday, August 10, 2009

Sherlock's Books & Cafe Music/Craft Fest

We had a beautiful day July 11th down in Galloway, NJ @ Sherlock's Books & Cafe. Owners Susan and Ron O'Toole arranged a gala Music & Craft Fest and it was approved by the owners of Smitty's Town Center, Kay Realty Services. Kate Russo of Kay Realty Services was the driving force behind the success of the raffle and together with Susan O'Toole were key in having the raffle
proceeds donated to the SOWF.

We didn't realize until the day before that she spoke with the owner of the shopping center and they would be donating all of the proceeds from their raffle to Operation: L.O.V.E.!

We sold 12 books and received $22.69 in donations to the SOWF. The proceeds from the raffle totaled $482!!! So our grand total for yesterday was $624.69 and all of it was donated to the SOWF.

We met Dave, a Navy man who served on the USS Enterprise and whose wife confided that she would be donating a kidney to him! You could just feel the love emanating from the two of them.

There was a mom whose son is a Green Beret with only 2 years in the Army. When I asked how she coped with her son being in Special Forces, she said she's very close to the Lord.

I met two other moms whose sons were in the Navy with similar stories.

We met a mom whose son was devastated because he failed the Navy SEAL eye exam, and ended up in the NYC Fire Department, so I told her how tough it had been for my husband when he passed all of the exams to get into Annapolis, only to fail the eye exam for a condition he didn't
even know he had!

Kathy bought a book from us, and we started chatting about family in the military and she mentioned how proud her dad was of his cousin who was a Flying Tiger! An hour later, Kathy brought her Dad back to see us! We had a wonderful time talking with Willie, who is 92 years young and plans to live to at least 200! Willie did confess that most of his friends called him "Wild Willie."

We met Jeannie Price & Liz Darnell, two fabulous women who are in the process sharing their culinary expertise with the troops, by baking "gluten-free birthday cakes" for those in the military who have allergies. It's a huge project and we wish them well getting it off the ground. Check out their website or .

We were so overwhelmed by the generosity and patriotic spirit that just seemed to vibrate in the air around us. While not everyone bought a book, others reached into their pockets to donate whatever they had to the SOWF.

It was a wonderful experience and fabulous day! A special thank you to Kate Russo of Kay Realty
Services and Susan and Ron O'Toole.

C.H. Admirand

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