Monday, August 10, 2009

My friends saved my life @ RWA!

I know it sounds odd, but without the aid of Tara Nina and Anne Elizabeth, I would have ended up in the hospital during RWA in Washington, DC. Although I've never had breathing issues before, after one night in the hotel, I woke up having difficulty breathing. By the time Anne (who happens to be a wilderness EMT) arrived at the hotel, she immediately noticed my problem and realized I had diminished breathing capacity.

To make a really long and gory story short, without the quick action of these two fabulous ladies, I know it would have developed into a HUGE problem. I'm forever grateful to my friends. The upside of the story is that we were able to move to the Omni Shorham Hotel just down the block and during the Literacy Signing, I sold out copies of Operation: L.O.V.E, A Spec Ops Romance Anthology. The downside of the story is that I was only able to attend the literacy signing due to the poor air quality and recent renovations (new carpeting, new paint, etc.) in the hotel.

Here we are in DC with Leanne Burroughs (holding the pillow) our editor at Highland Press for the anthology. Pictured left to right: C.H. Admirand, Leanne Burroughs, Anne Elizabeth & Tara Nina.

C.H. Admirand

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