Monday, July 13, 2009

Spotlight on NJ News 12 with Della Crews!

Fellow Operation: L.O.V.E. authors, Anne Elizabeth, Tara Nina and myself taped our first TV interview last Tuesday with the fabulous host of Spotlight on NJ, Ms. Della Crews. We felt an instant connection with Ms. Crews and probably spent more time chatting in the hallway, in the newsroom, and production booth, than on camera.

I've been on back-to-back deadlines since January (not complaining, just explaining) so I didn't even have the time to post about the spotlight. Of course, who among the three of us had the menopausal moment??? Obviously that would be me, since I'm the oldest. BUT, the good news is that what felt like ten minutes of total brain fade during the taping, ended up being only a few seconds on camera.

Ms. Crews invited us to come back and tape another segment on November 10th so we can fill her in on our visit to the National Naval Medical Center and Walter Reed Hospital. We're scheduled to meet with the Wounded Warriors there this Thursday and Friday at 1300 hours.

I've got to pack for RWA!

Until then,

C.H. Admirand

P.S.: My mom told me that I said Oh My God twice! She was counting.

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